Veno + Timi: A Romantic Prewedding Session.

April 14th, 2014

Veno and Timi are one couple of a kind…They radiate this chemistry that transcend mere friendship. Meeting them for the first time after several phone communications…We knocked off this shoot. It was one of the best sunday evenings in Lagos…Well targeted. We started off from TBS and ended up in a hotel in VI. First of all, Their custume showed me…they are in for it. Veno was completely a model bride…and all we did was to pick locations. They both felt relaxed and my team indeed felt happy working with them…We really cant wait for their beautiful day later this month. I had packed a whole lot of photographs in this post for future brides to pick from. Veno and Timi are our latest pose masters. I didnt mention this…Timi is an awesome groom!…

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veno-and-timi-prewedding (1)

veno-and-timi-prewedding (3)

veno-and-timi-prewedding (5)

Yewande + Bolawa: Traditional Wedding in Lagos.

April 3rd, 2014

Happy New Month Friends, as we enter the wedding season, we present Yewande and Bolawa traditional wedding story. Here are two cute love birds I tell you. From our first meeting with Yewande, we could tell she is a proud fan of the tall handsome Bolawa. Their traditional wedding was a beautiful one with few close relatives; it was such an intimate moment…as you would see. Very calm guys with lovely friends. We did enjoy the day with them. Their white wedding was held in downtown SA…it was sad we couldn’t make it as we had the date initially booked. Meanwhile…enjoy this and show a friend.

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Yewande-and-Bolawa-traditional-wedding (41)

Yewande-and-Bolawa-traditional-wedding (1)

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Wunmi + Babs: White Wedding, Lagos.

March 12th, 2014

Hi Guys, Here is the concluding story of Wunmi and Babs Wedding. We sure had enough fun shooting them. Pls Enjoy this and they would like to see your comments Cheers.

wunmi-and-babs-white-wedding-in-lagos (1)

wunmi-and-babs-white-wedding-in-lagos (2)

wunmi-and-babs-white-wedding-in-lagos (3)

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Wunmi + Babs: Ikeja Traditional Wedding.

March 4th, 2014

Hi Guys, I have here the beautiful wedding of Wunmi and Babs. I met Babs for the First Time about three years ago at The Future Awards in Oniru, Lagos where we exchanged cards; he has since been a friend and mentor. As most of my readers would figure out, Babs is one of the top wedding lifestyle photographers in Nigeria. We were more than happy when he called in for a booking. We immediately arranged for a meeting and planned ahead of the day.

Here comes the day…Meeting Wunmi for the very first time we were all thrilled by the wonderful comments and wishes Wunmi’s friends and family gave and that immediately made our beautiful day. As you would notice..Wunmi is the gentle cool breed and Babs is the active…jumping ever ready photographer groom! Let me keep it short…Enjoy a few of the days glimpse!

wunmi-and-babs-traditional-wedding (39)

wunmi-and-babs-traditional-wedding (1)

wunmi-and-babs-traditional-wedding (2)

Styled Shoot Inspirations from Alakija Studios Workshop.

February 20th, 2014

Hi guys, it’s been a while here, we have indeed been busy shooting and editing photo files. But we have got a whole lot of photographs to show. Just some weeks ago we attended the Alakija Studios Workshop in Lagos. Here are a few favourite from the styled session. It’s more of an inspirational style. We hope you did like them.
Thanks to the Team that made this happen. Cheers.