Prince Claus Fund presents Invisible Borders Trans-African Project

Late 2012 I was part of a road trip with Invisible Borders, a team of writers, photographers and videographers who travel by road through the continent of Africa. Our main aim? To detail the African continent as told by Africans. This year the collective took it a step further from Africa through Europe.


Read more about this years trip here:


Being part of this trip in 2012 was a big experience for me as we journeyed by road from Lagos through Calabar, Douala, Yaounde and then Libreville, Gabon. Not only did it avail me the opportunity to know my continent a little more, it gave me the opportunity to explore and live with other Africans in different parts of the continent. Although sometimes it was more of a nightmare, like when we had to spend days in the rain forests of Cameroon, it was still worthwhile. It was indeed a pleasant experience for me.


Travelling from Lagos to Sarajevo, Invisible Borders celebrates their arrival in Amsterdam at Unseen! The collective of road-tripping artists, photographers and writers from Africa cross dozens of borders, creating new works and forging connections across national boundaries. From their well-travelled van, the group reads selected writings about their journeys.


Prince Claus Fund presents the arrival of Invisible Borders Trans-African Project


Date:Thu 18th September
Time:16.00 – 20.00
Venue:Festival Ground


Make sure you come around if you are around the city.


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